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iPhone X Screen Protector

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New iPhone X Screen Protector

High quality 9H hardness tempered glass with soft TPE, clearly and truthfully screen, feel smoother and anti fingerprints. NOW with Anti-peeping privacy.

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Anti Peeping

It adopt the anti-peeping principle that you can watch the screen clearly under 90 degree and other can not watch your mobile phone screen under 45 degree and nearby.

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Full and Soft Protection

Give perfect protection for your glass with high quality Super Thin Tempered Glass. 9Hardness for scratch-resistant with truthfully and clearly screen color.

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The amazing screen protector concept

Protect your secret. There are most of privacy information on your mobile phone, refuse to be peeped, protect your privacy!

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Fit Your Mobile Phone Perfectly

The screen color is truthfully and clearly, do not effect the 3D touch operation, feel smoother than origanal screen, anti fingerprints and automatically paste your film.

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